Houndstooth Coffee

The Pattern of Coffee and People

What started as an affinity for coffee and coffee shop culture has grown into a love for sharing quality beverages with anyone and everyone. As a locally owned and operated business, Houndstooth Coffee seeks to be an integral pattern in the fabric of the Central Austin community.

Three Courses of Coffee

The May Experimental Menu is designed to act as a conversation piece for what coffee already is, what it can be, and how it can be celebrated. A little bit familiar and a little bit mysterious.

Using an Ethiopia Sidama roasted by PT's Coffee out of Topkea, Kansas, we have created a three course menu.

First Course

*Deconstructed Brewed Coffee *

Second Course

*Espresso + cheese pairing *

Moringhello, 1 year Manchego, 2 year Gouda,

Third Course

*Coffee Mallow *

coffee gel, marshmallow, 60% dark chocolate, citrus zest, flamed

$30 per person.
Every Saturday during May.
Only available at Houndstooth Coffee Downtown.

Palate Training Class

At Houndstooth, we believe a Barista is only as good as their palate. Therefore we spend a fair amount of time training our Baristas how to taste and how to describe what they are tasting. We're inviting YOU to join us in this exercise.

Wednesday, November 19th at 7:30 PM our Head Coffee Coach Daniel Read will lead a palate training class for anyone who is interested. On the table that evening will be Apples, Chocolate, Cheese and Coffee, of course! Daniel will lead a discussion about specific flavor notes, the importance of a honed palate and introduce the official "Flavor Wheel" used by Houndstooth Baristas during our training.

Wednesday, November 19th 7:30pm Downtown shop. $40 per person.

Sign up now!

Kalita Wave Brewing Class

Houndstooth Coffee in Austin wants to teach you how to brew at home!

Join us on Wednesday, October 8th at 7:30 for a Kalita Wave brewing tutorial. Let our nationally recognized Baristas give you the tools needed to brew cafe quality coffee in your own home.

Sign up at either shop in Austin or online:

Experimental Bar Menu

YirgZ Prix Fixe

Belly-up to the pecan bar this Saturday from 11-5 for a unique menu created by our own Gregory Alford.

He's highlighting three stages of flavor of the Ethiopian YirgZ from Tweed Coffee Roasters in a special 3 course tasting menu.

We sat down for a little chat with Gregory about his menu this week.  But be sure to stop by Saturday and ask him all the questions you want!

How long have you been in specialty coffee?

I've been working for Houndstooth since March of 2013.  Specialty coffee piqued my interest in 2011.

Where did the inspiration for this menu arise?

Houndstooth at 4200 makes a delicious rendition of a mint julep. I was frustrated that the only other coffee cocktail I could find in town (without going to work) included Bailey's and well liquor. I want to create drinks that have "classic" potential. Approachable, unassuming, delicious coffee.

What do you hope the guest experiences through your tasting menu?

My first priority is to create delicious drinks. After that, I think guests will find the tastes and smells pair well with attentive service. Whether we nerd out together or chit chat about weekend plans, it's a treat to be face to face and enjoy something delicious together.

What was your favorite part or breakthrough moment when composing the drinks?

I think it was the first time that I had a few co-workers try my signature iced drink and they wouldn't pass the glass. It's a pretty great feeling to create something tasty enough that your guest doesn't want to share.